Motoring elastic ? - volvoman
My youngest son (aged 6) has special needs and has a small trampoline which he really loves to bounce on :-)

It's only about 2-3 ft square and has a rubber elastic 'rope' which provides the 'bounce'. This has now broken for the umpteenth time and I'm wondering what I could replace it with. Those bungee type straps (can't think of the proper name) used in cars (motoring link Mark!)
are all I can think of but I'm not sure they'd be strong/ durable enough.

Any ideas gratefully received !

Many thanks on behalf of young Luke - a very special young lad !!!
Motoring elastic ? - Chas{P}

Vauxhall Ecotec cambelts should be OK but I don't know about durability.

Seriously now, good camping shops or a boat chandler should be able to supply elastic rope by the metre and it would be possible to re-spring it with a continous length.


Motoring elastic ? - Dynamic Dave
Vauxhall Ecotec cambelts should be OK but I don't know about

Should be changed at 40,000 bounces - unless of course Vauxhall change their minds again :o)
Motoring elastic ? - BrianW
Any yacht chandlers will have a range of elastic (bungee) rope available.

Still learning (I hope)
Motoring elastic ? - Mark (RLBS)
Sorry Brian - I didn't see your reply was already there.
Motoring elastic ? - BrianW

No apology needed, but I need to aplogise to Charles, I hadn't read his post fully either!

Still learning (I hope)
Motoring elastic ? - Mark (RLBS)
You can get the stuff you need from a Chandlers. Any good one should do.

If you're miles from the sea, I shall be down in the Solent at the weekend and if you let me know I will pick up what you need and forward it to you.

BTW, for such a query, and from a regular, then the motoring link is not required.
Motoring elastic ? - Phil I
Favouritism wot!!! Wait till I tell TOTH. :-)

Happy Trampolining Phil I
Motoring elastic ? - volvoman
There we are - just when I needed cheering up a little the BackRoom races to the rescue. Thanks again folks !!

Lovely Luke will be a very happy (and bouncing) bunny :)

Mark - I am miles from the sea and have a problem with the car too so can I take you up on your very kind offer. I'll e.mail you all the details.

Thanks so much !!
Motoring elastic ? - Mark (RLBS)
You need to tell me the total length and the maximum/minimum thickness you need. E-Mail the details to me (and I'll need a postal address too).

I'll do it at the weekend.

Motoring elastic ? - volvoman
On its way Mark. Ta!


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