Lotus Elise or Toyota MR2 - guy
I'm thinking of buying an Elise or MR 2 as second car. Any thoughts or opinions please?
Lotus Elise or Toyota MR2 - volvod5_dude
Depends whether a spare wheel and some luggage space is important to you.
Lotus Elise or Toyota MR2 - JamesH
How often would you put the top down?

The MR2 has one of the best manual hoods since it can be opened without getting out and folds neatly without needing a tonneau.

The Elise's roof is a tad more fiddly!

Lotus Elise or Toyota MR2 - Martin Wall
Will this be a used or a new buy? If reliability is a must then it has to be the Toyota but if it's pure driving pleasure then (according to the magazine reviews as I haven't driven either) it has to be the Lotus.

If it was my cash I'd get the MR2 as I hate unreliable cars and according to some wag Lotus stands for 'Lots of trouble - usually serious' :-)

Why not test drive both and see what you think as it's your cash you'll be spending - either way I'm sure you'll be happy - being able to have either of these as a second car should put a smile on your face - you lucky man.....!


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