Good Result for Vauxhall - Dynamic Dave
I see Vauxhall have come top in the Family Car, MPV, and Roadster catagories by WhatCar "Car of the year Awards 2003".

Namely, the Vectra, Zafira, and VX220.

Any plans on a full write up HJ?
Good Result for Vauxhall - Keith S
How on earth can a va***all v***ra beat the Mondeo? Are these people blind?
Good Result for Vauxhall - J Bonington Jagworth
Perhaps they actually believed Ed Harris...
Good Result for Vauxhall - Flat in Fifth
Well I've finally driven one, New Vectra that is.

Sorry Vauxhall you've tried to be too clever for your own good.

The complexity will let you down, and the rest of it is just either utterly mediocre or complete pants.

That is speaking as someone whose last car was in fact a Vectra. Jason Barlow was spot on, we do indeed deserve better than this.
Good Result for Vauxhall - Blue {P}
Now perhaps someone can explain what an "interactive driving system" is. 'Cos I'm intrigued about what it actually does...

Good Result for Vauxhall - Dan J
It's the new Vauxhall term for what was referred to, on pre 2002 models, as the steering wheel...

Dan J
Good Result for Vauxhall - bazza
I'd like to know how on earth they can spend millions, hire top designers, conduct market research, use cutting edge CAD, ......and come up with something that looks like THAT!!! And as for that chrome strip on the back.., what's that supposed to do?!!
Good Result for Vauxhall - Dave_TD
Er, remind you of the one on the back of the Astra Turbo, I suppose. Halo effect and all that?
Good Result for Vauxhall - Dynamic Dave
That wouldn't have anything to do with the Mondeo getting beaten would it? :o)


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