Unleaded or Super Unleaded Petrol? - Will_375
Can anybody tell me if using Super Unleaded petrol in my 1998 Renault Clio 1.6 RXE will have any noticeable difference? The reason that I ask is because with the price of petrol having risen over the past few weeks it works out almost as expencive to fill up with Super Unleaded Petrol and maybe gain extra performance/ mile per gallon; or am I better off filling up with Standard Unleaded Petrol and saving the few extra pennies for the next fill?

If I used Super Unleaded Petrol all the time would it have any effect on the catalyst converter?

Thanks for any advice in advance.

Unleaded or Super Unleaded Petrol? - borasport20
I suspect not, Will.

Which petrol company was it? It may be worth looking at their website, unless it was BP, in which case you will wait for hours for pages to download. IIRC, After that, you could spend a few hours reading the vapid, content free marketing blurb and never see a reference to petrol.

If you find a link that actually tells you, let us know

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Unleaded or Super Unleaded Petrol? - Tony N
Doubt it, its only really an advantage in high power turbo motors, or some older cars that have been converted to run on unleaded and need higher octane fuel. Most everyday cars are designed to work with normal unleaded (95 RON) as its cheaper.
Unleaded or Super Unleaded Petrol? - eMBe {P}
The following two links are worth looking up.

HJ: the first one could be useful in your FAQ's.



for other links try looking up " super unleaded petrol benefits " in google restricted to UK search.
Unleaded or Super Unleaded Petrol? - Big John
If the car is fitted with anti knock sensors as part of the ignition/fuel control it will make a difference. When driving on the continent in my Octavia 1.4 (yes 1.4), if you put 98/99 ron petrol in it is possible to drive up to the engine cut-off revs in 5th gear(still very quiet so didnt realise how fast I was going, thought I had a fault until I looked at rev counter!) if you use 95 ron petrol you cant!


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