Coloured Bulbs - franknburger
Does anybody know where I can buy brake light bulbs with coloured glass to go behind clear lenses? They must be available somewhere as my car came with them (aftermarket not dealer fitted before you ask).
Coloured Bulbs - No Do$h
Try where I think they'll explain that they are illegal..... Unfortunately the firewall here won't let me view the site to see if they still sell 'em!

No Dosh - but then who has?
Coloured Bulbs - Dave_TD
Anywhere that sells the aftermarket clear light clusters, I would think?
Coloured Bulbs - No Do$h

You can definitely get these bulbs at Red Tail-light and Brake Light bulbs are £0.99. They also do high intensity LED lamps for about £10.00

As I suspected, these lamps are NOT legal for road use anywhere in the EU. The only coloured lamp that has e-approval is the amber indicator lamp with the offset pins. You will fail an MOT with these lights fitted and could be pulled by plod and required to refit e-approved lights. Autostyling do advise that these are not legal for road use and also point out that as they operate at higher temperatures the lamps have a much shorter life.

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No Dosh - but then who has?
Coloured Bulbs - J Bonington Jagworth
My Christmas pudding came in a nice transparent red wrapper...


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