The New No 1? - Maz
Having just read HJ's news on the discounts on various Mazdas, and the especially reasonable price for the RX-8, I wonder if Backroomers can think of any other manufacturer which has had a year like the rejuvenated Mazda.

In the last 12 months they have launched the Mazda6, arguably the most beautiful 3 box saloon since, err, the Xedos. The RX-8 is a totally innovative car for around £20k.

What makes the achievement even greater, in my biased opinion, is that the cars before were so dull that ditchwater could have sued. 12 months ago the company's line up was made up of the MX5, and a number of dull yet reliable machines.

Meanwhile, other car companies have been busy besmirching their once good names by launching or updating basically pointless SUVs.

Whatever happened to the heroes?

The New No 1? - CM
In HJ's test drive of the Mazda 6 estate he says "..the easiest, most convenient seat-folding arrangement I?ve ever seen in an estate car. Just open the hatch, then pull a lever just inside and the seat flops forward ready to load. Now why didn?t anyone think of that before?"

I have a BMW 5 and my seats do this or am I missing something? I press a button on which ever side of the split backs I want dropping and it drops down flat.
The New No 1? - peterb
By combining its reputation for reliability and the "halo effect" from cars like the MX5 and the RX8, Mazda has a glorious opportunity to become one of the best mid-market car brands.

BTW, does anyone know how well the "6" is selling? It's a good looking car and the mags like it. However fleet buyers seem to prefer prestige (Merc, BM*) or predictable (Vectra, Mondeo) machines.
The New No 1? - Chas{P}
Having done some work for the VM in question I know that sales they are on the up. Zoom Zoom!!

Between 1997 and 2001 sales had dropped 50% mainly due to stronger competition. I'm glad to see the tide turning with some even better products coming through even though there was nothing inherently wrong with the previous models.

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