Clutch seems to rise slowly - Ben79
My Xsara 1.4 1999 27,000 miles has had a clutch cable replaced in November.

Now the clutch seems to rise slower than your foot, although there is no spippage once fully engaged. The pedal feels heavy around the biting point, balancing the car on the clutch in traffic is a chore.

Also, take up of drive is jerky and often knocks like your foot has slipped off the clutch while halfway engaged.

I do not ride the clutch or do wheel spinning traffic light grand prix.

The journey home has become a nightmare!

Any ideas whether or not we are talking megabucks?
Clutch seems to rise slowly - IanT
I guess there are two possibilities:

1. Megabucks - internal clutch fault
2. Badly fitted clutch cable - maybe the new cable was kinked during installation.

What were the symptoms which made you change the cable at such an early age / low mileage?

Clutch seems to rise slowly - Ben79
The car had very similar symptoms, erratic biting point and it felt heavy and jerky.
Clutch seems to rise slowly - IanT
That's a pity. I had just been working out lots of interesting ways to fit a clutch cable badly - and now it looks like an internal clutch fault.

We are looking for something sticking / not moving smoothly. A flick through my Haynes fault finding guide gives these possibilities (in my order of likelihood):
1. Clutch disc lining contaminated with oil or grease
2. Faulty or distorted pressure plate or diaphragm spring
3. Clutch disc sticking on gearbox input shaft splines
4. Clutch disc sticking to flywheel or pressure plate
5. Worn or loose engine or gearbox mountings

Plus a lot of other faults due to wear of various clutch components, which don't seem likely at 27K. Whatever it is, apart from the fairly unlikely option 5, replacing the clutch assembly will probably solve it.

Other opinions welcome.

Clutch seems to rise slowly - Ben79
I wonder if this will be any help to me

I got it done in November, so will have a few words next saturday when I get the central locking looked at.

Surely it cant be wear and tear.

Clutch seems to rise slowly - IanT
Re your web link. They are obviously not going to fix it for £19.95, but they should be able to give you a good diagnosis plus the peace of mind that there aren't any other little problems around the corner.

Personally, though, I think these winter checkovers are a way of drumming up business for the garages. A bit like going for a free shock absorber test, and finding that you always need new ones. If your car is properly maintained to the maunfacturer's schedule, it shouldn't need these extra checks.

BTW, is this the same garage that told you a new clutch cable would solve the problem last time?

Clutch seems to rise slowly - Ben79
I don't see how maintaining to the manufacturers schedule is going to change things. Yes, when the car is in the air I keep an eye out for leaks, split boots, things that look wrong etc, but the difference is about £100, and a stamp in the book for a 3 year old car.

I had the wintercheck done in November, and if they guarantee it like they say they do, then I think I have a good argument for the work being done at Citroen's expense.

Yes, I am going to the same (HJ good garage guide main dealer) who replaced the clutch cable before. They seem pretty much alright. The clutch felt wonderful after the change, so it could be a bad cable, or routed incorrectly.

I am sure that the service manager knows if I am disappointed, then I won't be back, I'll spread the word and have no chance of buying a C5 from them. What is driving a few more miles further each time a garage upsets you. I am on a 40 mile round journey now...
Clutch seems to rise slowly - IanT
I misread your earlier posting - I thought you were about to get the winter check done now. I notice the web page says you get a 6 month manufacturer's warranty included for your £19.95. That now seems really good value for money - or there's a big catch.

Anyway, since changing the clutch cable did fix the problem last time (although only for a short time), it puts the balance of probability back on it being the clutch cable again.

Hope you get a positive response from the garage tomorrow.

Clutch seems to rise slowly - DavidHM
Ben - I don't know what they mean by a six month manufacturers' warranty. Whoever wrote that website should be shot but it's just not profitable for them to spend time on it and guarantee the whole car for twenty quid.

We are, after all, talking about Citroën quality. In the end, if they don't agree to a new, free clutch, because you had the £20 check, then cut them some slack. I'm sure you've got your money's worth and, being in the GGG and so on, it's extremely unlikely that any other dealer would do what you're asking for.

That said, if it is due to the clutch cable again (badly fitted or whatever) then you should get it done at their expense.
Clutch seems to rise slowly - Ben79
I have a certificate from the dealer for the 6mth guarantee, if it doesn't cover clutches, why to the T&C's specifically mention the clutch will be checked?

The catch is that you have to get any work done by Citroen before they give you the guarantee.


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