Guns n cars - THe Growler
Hear you have a few probs with guns over there now. Hope it doesn't get like here (where guns are legal):
Guns n cars - volvod5_dude
Gun ownership is not illegal in the UK. I can have numerous shotguns on my shotgun certificate if I so choose, and travel/carry them anywhere in the UK. I regularly carry a gun in either the Volvo or the Land Rover, just in case I feel like having the afternoon off for clay or rough shooting.

Guns n cars - Phil I
Is it not a condition of your certificate that the weapons must be in secure locked containers?

Phil I
Guns n cars - Dave N
They have to be kept secure, not necessarily in a locked cabinet.
Guns n cars - Martin Devon
Most law, including Health & Safety is grey until an 'incident/accident' happens. Then Oh! boy look out.

Guns n cars - THe Growler
I\'m not talking hobby guns, I\'m talking legally permissible sidearms which any citizen can own for the purpose of self-defense, or in the case of a security guard or a police officer, for use in the course of duty.

If you read the article in our Inquirer you will see what happens in one society where the foregoing applies. Give someone the right to carry his Glock 9mm, and someone somewhere is going to pull it in a relatively trivial environment when he gets drunk or is on drugs or when somebody tees him off and uses it.

Now, your media is saying UK has a burgeoning problem with ILLEGAL guns over there and they are simple to obtain. I am told that\'s by and large correct. My primary point is how long before somebody decides to deal with one of those road behaviors that get you posters posting (tailgating, cyclists without lights, you name \'em) by popping off his shooter at them?

My secondary point was simply to say I hope the issues we have here (with legal guns) do not emerge in your country (with illegal ones).




Guns n cars - Mark (RLBS)
Please restrict this thread to Motoring oriented topics.

If it degenerates into a general gun control thread, into a political argument, into a "why I hate the police" note or anything else which is not motoring related, it will simply disappear irrevocably.
Guns n cars - BrianW
Carjacking seems to be becoming a favourite past-time with certain classes.
Maybe the idea that the driver might have a Colt 45 handy would be a deterrant?
Still learning (I hope)


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