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Nissan Almera - Replacing a cd player - E17latic

I've got a 2005 Nissan Almera with a cd stuck in the cd player. I took it to Halford's, they couldn't replace it because the controls for the stereo also control the heater/air con. I've tried everything I can think of to get it out and failed. I rang the main dealer to ask how much it would cost to replace it; £600!

Any ideas what I should do?

Nissan Almera - Replacing a cd player - Falkirk Bairn


Nissan Almera - Replacing a cd player - Collos25

You have a number of choices you can pay the dealer prices you can go on ebay there are plenty of secondhand items available or you could buy a standard radio cd and a new aftermarket radio fascia again available very cheaply on ebay.

Nissan Almera - Replacing a cd player - McP

Try Clarion Service. Around £100 to repair this problem on the Primera of the same age.

Your radio will be coded to the car. A used radio would need to be reset by Nissan, Clarion or some Audio repairers.

Nissan Almera - Replacing a cd player - Collos25

100ukps for that you can buy a brand new radio cd with bluetooth mp3 and the full fitting kit and a second hand cd units are around 25ukps with another 25 to code it in.

Nissan Almera - Replacing a cd player - McP

If you know about Nissan Almera N16 audio from this era, then I stand corrected. I am not familiar with the Almera

I have experience of the 2002 onwards Primera audio. They are NATS coded to the ECU but not by inputting a code. Used units have to be virginised by Clarion, Nissan or Audio shops with the right kit. If not, a Secure message will appear. Typically £40 upwards.

If it is the CY450, there is one on ebay for £50 with warranty that has been reset, so should plug in and pair itself with the ECU.

Nissan Almera - Replacing a cd player - greg00412

Hello all,

Complete technophobe but here goes...

I have a 2003 Almera DCI and there has been a disc stuck in the dash cd player since i got the car. Wasn't an issue as it has a 6 disc changer, but lately that seems to be on the blink.

Can someone tell me my options? I'd like to put in a new head unit with mp3 connectivity but not sure if this is possible? The slot which the cd player sits in currently looks a little narrow?

Also, even if it does fit, would there be an issue with heating system as it all seems connected and above posts have me slightly worried.




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