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Litter brother is coming down next week for assistance in changing his picasso brake pads. As there isn't a Haynes manual available yet, are there any "gotchas" on this??. I only ask as he was wittering on about making sure I had some torx drivers available.
I've not had a look yet to see what he's on about.
Dealer wants 80 quid to change pads, he got a set from a factor for 20 - He's a tightfisted yorkshireman like myself.

changing picasso brake pads - Ben79 suggests that there are 3 different pads for the Picasso. It also cross references brake pads with other vehicles. Some Picasso pads are the same as 306 or 307 ones.

If you cannot find any information, I would have a tube of thread-lock for any nuts that had it before, and retighten any bolts to very tight, but not tight enough to break them.

I cannot get a torque guage on to my retaining nuts, do just give them a fair old heave-ho.

changing picasso brake pads - Dave N
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changing picasso brake pads - martint123
Ben - Thanks for that, I'll have a blimp at a Pug haynes manual in the library. Ref the 3 types of pads - that reminds me of my old Renault 5, I think they bought a months worth of brake bits from whoever they could at the time ;-) I've sort of got used to the breaking/striping point of the usual size of bolts and I'll give those that look as though they were locked a dab of loctite.

Dave - thanks for the link, I'll give it the once over.

Thanks all


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