Spark plug adjustment 309 1.4i - dave18
Friend has a 309 1.4 carb (Im posting the difference in case its relevant.) Mine (ok Mums ,and up for sale) - the i - runs badly from cold under any attempted hard acceleration. Misfires (I think.)The friend's Dad, who looks after her car, reckons that 'Peugeot say the spark plugs should be set at 32000 but Heatons [the garage] set the at 28000 and its better from cold.'
Makes no sense to me but could this be true?
Spark plug adjustment 309 1.4i - Dynamic Dave
Standard plug gaps should be 0.3mm (28 thou) minimum gap to 0.4mm (32 thou) maximum gap. As long as the gap is anywhere between the two settings, then they're ok.
From what you say, that it runs better at 28 thou and not at 32thou suggests that the spark is weak. Could be plug leads, coil, or distributor cap that needs replacing.
Spark plug adjustment 309 1.4i - dave18
In which case I think its fair to run the engine for 5 minutes because that is all that is needed to 'clear' it, when somebody comes to view it! Won't register on temperature gauge. :@)
Spark plug adjustment 309 1.4i - Andrew-T
DD - I hope you haven't confused anyone, but 28 thou is 0.7mm and 32 thou must be 0.8mm, since 1mm = 40 thou and there are ~=25mm to an inch.
Spark plug adjustment 309 1.4i - Dynamic Dave
Andrew-T, You're right. D'oh!!

It's been one of those days at work. Have been juggling figures all morning and got those wrong as well. Sorry for any confusion guys. The 28 and 32 thou measurements I mentioned in my earlier thread are correct though - honest.


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