316i rear wheel bearing - greaser pv
I have the dubious pleasure of renewing one of these on a K-plate E36 type ( n/s ). Any tips would be helpful. I do have access to a press.Cheers
316i rear wheel bearing - David Davies
I believe this is quite a difficult job even if you have the special extractor and press needed to do it.A customer recently had a noisy rear wheel bearing on a 5-series(similar set up) which I declined to attempt.On contacting the dealer their charge for the whole job was £120 inclusive of parts,labour and VAT.Quite reasonable really.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
316i rear wheel bearing - greaser pv
Cheers for that . I had actually suggested to her that she tried the agent first, which she has, £175inc ( in Surrey ) sounds good to me and saves me a whole lot of hassle!


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