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I think the head gasket may have gone on my Chrysler Grand Voyager. It's a 2000(W) 3.3 petrol with gas conversion. Driving back from Dartford yesterday it overheated twice and I filled it with water both times. Checked once home for leaks but can see nothing coming out the bottom. Checked the oil cap and that looked OK but the dipstick looked very watery.

I did have an advisory for this a few years ago when I had a core plug leak fixed. I posted about it then and was told it is unlikely and could be the v manifold gasket (think that's right!?).

My questions are :

If it is the v manifold gasket would it produce the symptoms described?

If it is the head gasket how much should I be looking to pay for repair, I've just had a £1300 quote from one garage who said they'd have to do both heads as wouldn't be able to tell which was leaking, is that correct?



Chrysler Grand Voyager - Head Gasket - Peter.N.

Hi Dave

Don't know your particular car but in general terms if the head gasket is leaking it will pressurise the system and blow the coolant out of the filler cap/overflow which is why you can see no leaks, if it is you should be able to see signs of dry antifreeze in these areas.

Regarding which head is leaking it would be difficult to tell without removing them and if you removed one and found it was leaking, how do you know the other one isn't as well? The usual cause of gasket failure is overheating although they can fail for other reasons.

Regarding the cost I would shop around, someone who knows the cars well may be cheaper, certainly avoid main dealers.


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These engines do not take kindly to gas conversions lack of lubrication that is is found in petrol.

Peters summing up is spot on.


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