Tipping Breakdown Recovery - Kevham
Here's something I'm a little unsure about: is it customary to tip your AA/RAC etc breakdown recovery man?

On new years eve my girlfriend and I were stranded when her K reg Metro failed to start. After checking the usual suspects we called for the Rac to come and bail us out. We were greeted by a friendly man who assured us that he'd get it going quickly. As it turns out, he didn't and had to trace the fault to a short circuit (which is something even he didn't expect).

Once going we wished him a happy new year and tipped him a fiver for all his efforts. He seemed suprised so I wondered whether everyone tips these brave souls? Or is it just me?
Tipping Breakdown Recovery - Tom Shaw
He was not just surprised, probably shocked! Tipping is a dying habit. It used to be quite common to receive a tip from a grateful pupil after a test pass, but apart from the occasional bottle of plonk these days it must be a decade or more since I had a banknote pressed into my hand with the instruction "Buy yourself a drink".

Apart from taxi drivers and waiters, I doubt if many people recieve a tip these days.
Tipping Generally! - drbe
I operate an airport car service and my experience is that many Americans, who wouldn't dream of not tipping in the USA, often don't tip in the UK.

I think it fairly true to say that they would receive short shrift if they didn't tip a taxi or limo driver in the US, but when they come over here they don't tip. It goes without saying (almost) that they receive first class service, new Mercedes car; knowledgeble, courteous driver etc.

One lady who didn't tip me seem3d to change her mind when I thanked her very formally.

It's a funny old world isn't it?

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