red master key - louiefigo2003
i have 2 keys for my ford mondeo none of which are programmed so i need to buy a red master key from ford however i don`t want to pay over £50 for them to programme it. is there anywhere alse i can get it programmed cheaper?
red master key - Blue {P}
You may get it done somewhere a bit cheaper, check the back of an Autotrader, but to be honest, I couldn't get it done much cheaper when I needed it doing...

red master key - Dwight Van Driver
Have a look at:

Worth speaking to to see if they can help?.

Blue Oval - this is just south of your neck of the woods. Have you heard anything about them.

red master key - Blue {P}
I haven't seen them, but thanks DVD, I'm gonna hang onto that link, it may come in useful when the batterys go flat in the remote and it turns out you have to replace the ECU at the same time or some equally unecessary and expensive rubbish. :)

red master key - Daedalus
I had the same problem and ended up paying the full dealer price £70.00 in my case. I also wanted them them to redo the plipper key they quoted around £35.00 for that so I declined. I spent 1/2 an hour on the internet searching for "Mondoe key reprogramming" on Google and found a site that told me how to do it using a combination of the door sensor and the ingnition switch. I can't remember the name of the site I'm afraid.

Have a look it might even help with the red key.

red master key - mondeomad
ive bought a mondeo ghia x which has a red master key and a black remote key. ive bought a new remote key from ford and ive recoded it. It unlocks and locks car no problem but when i try to start car the led light flashes fast and car wont start?

help whats up?

red master key - keithb
Sounds like you've re-coded the key to work the central locking but haven't coded the new key to the immobiliser. They are 2 entirely different systems as far as I recall. Procedure for coding the immobiliser was in the handbook when I had a Mondeo - you use the red key to program other keys.

The following may be what you need (taken from ):

NOTE : Clear ALL Fault codes before programming.
A new master key can only be programmed using the FDS2000 or the AD100 systems.
Further slaves can be added without any specialist equipment as follows :-
1. Insert master key, and turn to Position 2. PATS LED should illuminate.
2. Turn ignition from Position 2 to Position 0, and remover key. PATS LED will illuminate
for 2 seconds. PATS system is now in programming mode for 10 seconds.
3. Insert the new slave key, and turn from Position 0 to Position 2. PATS LED will flash
once if successful.
4. Repeat for all new slave keys.

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