Honda Jazz vs C3 Picasso - mmarsh

Norrowing down my choice to these two

Honda Jazz 1.4 Luxury CVT vs Citroen C3 Picasso EGS

Both are priced at about 16000 EUROS and change. The Honda is the top trim level

I will insist to get the "Exclusive" trim on the C3 Picasso to match the Honda.

We road tested the Honda and liked it. We road test the C3 Picasso EGS Tomorrow.

The key measure will be the auto gearbox how good is the Citroen EGS vs. a conventional CVT on the Honda. I have some reservations on the robotic gearbox on the C3 Picasso

Simply sitting in it, I thought the C3 was the more confortable and practical of the two, but thats not to say the Honda is bad in this regard. The only real thing that annoyed me about the Jazz was the engine noise..its really noisy as it accelerates.

Your thoughts? Opinions?

Honda Jazz vs C3 Picasso - daveyjp
Honda have gone back to a CVT due to issues with auto manuals. If Honda don't like them that's good enough for me.

A colleague has a C3, does the job, but French peculiarities annoy him including quirks with the radio and a badly placed handbrake.

My Dad has a Jazz. The inside is black and black so a bit gloomy and the ride on the large wheels is harsh.

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