Mondeo Faults - Chris Dorn
Recently bought a 4 year old Mondeo (2.0 Ghia, Manual) in good nick at the auctions. All was fine for 48 hours, until the alarm sounded continuously for a whole afternoon (I was out, but the neighbour?s felt the need to inform me!). I check the doors, bonnet etc and couldn?t find any obvious faults. Eventually, I removed the fuse to the alarm. Next day, it won?t start ? flat battery, so that?s re-charged. Lasts a few days and its flat again. It?s an original battery, so I replace it. While replacing it I check the current draw for the whole car; 300mA.

I tried the Ford website ? no use, and their Tech Help line is £1/minute!! ? Outrageous ! Having read the post on the Probe problem a few weeks ago, I realised this was quite high. So I set about removing fuses to find the faulty circuit. Somehow, while opening and shutting the door & window (so I can continue fuse pulling from the main fuse box in the footwell) the current drops to 20mA ? that?s more like it. Nothing I can do with doors, windows, interior lights, fuse boxes, relays, wiring looms can re-create my 300mA drain!

So, I?ve got an intermittent fault which I suspect is cutting back in occasionally and triggering the alarm at odd hours of the day and night. So:-
Does anybody have a list of ?prime suspects? for this fault?
Is there anywhere else I could look for fault information on a Mondeo?

Many Thanks in advance.

Re: Mondeo Faults - Dave N
There was a TSB in August 98 that noted a problem with the door striker that contains the light switch. It affected models between 08/96 & 11/98. If this is yours, let me know your fax number and I'll fax the TSB to you.

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