Hyundai Santa Fe - catalyst
Does anyone know of any faults/problems with them ? I'm thinking of buying the 2 L Diesel model, what sort of discounts have you been able to get from a main dealer (in Yorshire/Teeside/North-East), thanks
Hyundai Santa Fe - Fullchat
Have had my 2L Diesel Sante Fe for just over a month. Well impressed. Got a special deal on mine so am unale to discuss pricing. Appear solidly built. They are a case of you get what you pay for. Little bit basic and plastic inside but the seats and driving position are excellent. Have you an e-mail address so that we can discuss in more detail if you wish I found my difficulty was finding someone with experience of the brand.
Hyundai Santa Fe - colinh
Can't speak for the diesel versions, but we've been using a pair of the petrol engined ones for the past year as pool cars for site inspectors on a project in Saudi. Have been very reliable - can tackle most conditions, sometimes with five up - small damage to underside plastic shields on rocks, but otherwise no problems. Very impressed.
Hyundai Santa Fe - john yorkshire
I too thought the same for the first 6months. All I can say is am I glad that the car is Leased and I didnt buy it myself!!!
In 18months the car has been in the garage 16 yes 16 times for work!!!! been recovered 6 times by the AA !!!! and has a problem "squeel" from the engine which hyundai claim is "a characteristic of the vehicle" (Bull-s***! they don't want to replace the engine).... The car has burnt 2 clutches, had a new gear box and stall's on the road. The air con system is noisier than the b***** engine and i have to drive with it switched off. Hyundai have washed their hands of it and don't want to get involved further. I have stopped paying the lease and taking legal advice on this heap of junk, which was sold as a prestigiuos up and coming model. whatever you do DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE!!!!!! I have driven new cars for the past 15years and this is the worst ever.......... stick to a european badged vehicle not this "JAP-CRAP".....
Hyundai Santa Fe - Jonathan {p}
I think you will find Hyundai are a Korean company.
Hyundai Santa Fe - catalyst
Thanks all for yr message, sorry for delay, been busy getting rid of our second (and b***** definitely last) Land Rover, this time a Defender, we bought a Mazda Tribute, we'll see, can't be worse than the Freelander or Defender. Anyway, I am still after a Hyundai Santa Fe, 2.4 petrol and I've just read JYorkshire's comments about how unreliable it has proved, any other users out there with similar experience or is it just a wind-up or one-off ?
Hyundai Santa Fe - labrador
I am too am getting rid of my freelander with the rubbish customer service. I am waiting for a 2.0 diesel santa fe and have researched the net as well as test driving other 4 by 4's. I was convinced that I would be buying the x-trail but after my test drive in the santa fe- I loved it and the x trail did notlive up to its expectations. i expect everycar has its faults- you have only to look at the freelander-new joints/new back window,dodgey central locking-noise at the back etc etc. having looked on the net world wide not may people seem to ber moaning about the santa fe-i think when they first came in they have been upgraded since

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