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Citroen C3 - Good small torque-converter automatic - GregSwain

I'm looking around on the net for a replacement for my sister's Getz 1.3 Auto. Basically, the replacement has to be small, automatic (torque-converter, not a mechanised manual or CVT), and must have a decent enough turn of speed to overtake on a motorway happily (which the Getz 1.3 auto doesn't have).

My suggestions so far have been a Citroen C3 1.6 auto, or a Ford Fiesta 1.6 auto, both around 2008 vintage. Any thoughts (good or bad) on the PSA AL-4 transmission? Or whatever transmission the Ford uses?

Any thoughts gratefully received.


Citroen C3 - Good small torque-converter automatic - gordonbennet

I like the way the C3 drives, but how reliable it is long term i couldn't comment.

Proper auto's in European cars are rare now and seem to be the preserve of Korean and a few Japanese makers...pity Toyota have abandoned nice autos in their smaller cars.

Look at Suzuki Swift, Daihatsu Sirion, Chevy Epica and possibly Aveo, Kia Ceed and Hyundai i30, Some Astra's have proper autos too....BMW 1 series too big?..nice in 118d/120d guise.

Though for really smooth auto with excellent economy have you considered Prius 2, drive one.

Citroen C3 - Good small torque-converter automatic - GregSwain

Suzuki Swift is a possibility - anyone know who makes the autobox in these? I assume either Jatco or Aisin-Warner?


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