Cheap Suzuki's - KB.
Happened to spot a website called "" and saw new UK supplied vehicles with usual 3 yr warranty and 6 months tax as follows........Wagon R+ @£6495 , Jimny @£7695 and the 7 seat XL7 with the 2.7 V6 @£14995 (£4000 off ,list). All the other models are listed at discount prices too.

Given that they're UK spec and being Suzuki's, not too likely to go wrong, this doesn't seem bad to me.

Shame about Citroen prices going up - I thought the trend was down?

Cheap Suzuki's - Ben79
Shame about Citroen prices going up - I thought the trend
was down?

Will that make my 3 yr old Citroen go up in value?
Cheap Suzuki's - volvod5_dude

the XL7 seems a hell of a motor for the money, I beleive Suzuki are bringing out a diesel version using the Peugeot 2.2HDI. May be a little underpowered I think for such a big motor.

Cheap Suzuki's - KB.
I read just yesterday that the Jimny will gain a diesel engine next year as well as another model which I can't remember. Perhaps it was the XL7, as you suggest.
Cheap Suzuki's - KB.
Confirmation from the site I was recently looking at.........

"Recognising the continued expansion in demand for diesel engined 4x4s in the UK Suzuki will introduce diesel engine options for all 4x4 models during 2003.
Grand Vitara 3-door diesel will be available in Spring, 2003; Grand Vitara XL-7 by mid year and Jimny - including Jimny Soft Top which is manufactured in partnership with Santana S.A. in Spain - by the year end".

Cheap Suzuki's - 4kids
With baby number 4 on the way, I am in need of a car that will last for 10yrs 'child growth' (my oldest is 6 now and I want a car until she is 16). Not taken my MPV's as I like to go off road, I set about test driving many 4x4's than can according to the book's 'seat 7 people'. By the end of this task I can state that the XL-7 is the only one that can truly claim to have real seats in row 3. All the others with there fold down chairs i.e. Land Rover Discovery etc. should have disclaimers that state that these 'seats' can only sit children up to 6yrs old and with normal leg sizes. Once past that age/size, they are of no use due to the lack of leg room. The XL-7 however has what I would regard as 'foot wells'. This is the only car in which, as an adult, I am able to sit in both rows 2 and 3 with comfort. At no point did I have to 'scrunch' my legs up or bend my head. This is the main reason I will be investing my money in this car.


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