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Hi all

Just bought a lovely 1.8tdci focus estate. It's got FFSH but in the words or the garage where it's been service over the years has had "s*** loads done to it but no timing belt"

He said they are due at 100,000, but is this ok or should I play it safe asnd get it done now at 92,000?

Also can anyone give me an indication of what the cost is expected to be and does it usually include water pump and tensioners?

Thanks all


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Belt change is 100k or 10 years whichever is first. I can't imagine it costing much more than £300 and the kit will contain a new tensioner.

Get the water pump done at the same time, new coolant, expansion tank cap and you'll be good for another 100,000 miles.

To have it done now or at 100,000 is your call.

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I got mine done at 54k as the car was 6 years old. I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving it to 100k as there have been many other cars where the tensioners have failed before the belt and thrown the belt off.

The Ford change interval is certainly one of the longest I've heard of. Maybe you could ring your local Ford garage and ask them if they've had an failures before the time/mileage is up??

Personally I don't think it's worth putting off the expenditure for maybe a year and risking the engine...

Ford Focus 1.8 tdci Zetec - Timing Belt cost - BenG

I should have said, got mine changed along with the auxiliary drivebelt, full service and tappet clearance check (they're solid, not hydraulic so a check is recommended at ~60k miles) for £368 in 2009, so the belt change alone would have been around £220-230.



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I can't understand why people have paid £200-300 for a timing belt change. I've had it done twice on a focus (tdci and 1.8, both mk1) - each time costing £150. The kit consists of a rubber/plastic belt and the tensioner - a small metal unit. Both times done at independent garages.

The kit costs £70 and should take no longer than an hour for a garage mechanic to fit, so £80 labour which is about right. I did ring a main dealer for a price and was quoted £300-350 which is just a total rip off.


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