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Hi All,

Any useful advice most welcome. My Veedub Polo, '51 plate 1.4 16v, has something of a shuddering issue when driving on the m-way. Once up to speeds of over about 60ish, running at about 3 - 4k rpm, I get a clear vibration through the steering and front wheels. It comes and goes, varying in severity but definitely worse under harder acceleration. I've previously had to replace the front rubbers due to terminal tearing of the inner side wall. So far, it's had new brake discs and pads front and rear, as well as several wheel balancing sessions and the front and rear wheels swapped around for good measure. All to no avail. I presume I'm looking at something potentially more serious, and probably expensive, so can anybody kindly suggest the obvious starting places? Buckled driveshaft or failed engine mountings were in my thoughts?

The only 'obvious' thing I haven't done so far is had the tracking checked. She steers and stops in a straight line so I don't think there are any obvious major problems in this department, but is it worth a shot?!

Thanks to all.

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VW Polo - Shuddering Polo! - pugswhdi

Shock absorbers?

Have a look at them for oily leaks or evidence of a previous leak and also check if they work by pushing down to compress the springs then letting go and watching what happens (Google will help you here) If you aren't confident doing this try your local friendly garage who should be able to do a basic check for you while you wait.

Any obvious defect in them should probably have been spotted whilst doing the other work (so maybe try another local friendly garage) but it's worth a try.


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