Chrysler PTCruiser 2003. 2.2CRD - Engine wont start - Linda19

I own a 2003 PT Cruiser and love the car, but I have one big problem. The car refuses to start again once the engine has warmed up. Thus, if after a long drive down the motorway you wish to stop for a quick break, the car refuses to start. By that I mean that all the lights on the dashboard come on as the car does its checks, but then when you try to start the engine - nothing. No coughing or spluttering or any sounds of life. It is not a flat battery as been there done that and at least the car tried to start. There is no signs of life at all from the car. Have had diagnostic check done by my garage, but this reveals nothing. I have even called out the AA when the car would not start, but by the time they arrive the engine was cold and it started first time. It can take at least 40mins for the engine to cool down. A short journey to the shops can result in me sitting in a car park waiting for ignition. Has anyone else had this problem and do you know what causes it. It really is making me fear driving the car anywhere, knowing I could be stranded.

Chrysler PTCruiser 2003. 2.2CRD - Engine wont start - zips

We had this problem once, it was an intermittent fault sometimes the car would start fine, sometimes we had to keep turning the key on and off until it finally started. It turned out to be a faulty relay on ours, once changed we never had the problem again.

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