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Vauxhall Vectra C - vectra 1.9 cdti sri 120 intermitant (EML) - messa

Hi all,HELP can anybody help with my problam,ive recently taken my vectra to be diagnosed because my engine managment light kept coming on so he did the test and it was reading

p0002-fuel metering solonoid valve circuit range/performance(present)

p1125-throttle actuator malfunction(intermitent)

p0960-rail pressure control solonoid valve circuit open(intermitent)

After he had done this we had a look round the engine and noticed the the rod had come of the swirl flaps on the inlet manifold,he said this could be caursing the problam so i replaced the inlet manifold and it was still the same so i replaced the p0002 fuel metering solonoid valve and its still the same im not getin any symptons as such i just loose a bit of power be for it goes in to limp mode but if i dip thge clutch an rev it it revs really high before it goes in to limp mode could it be one of the intermittent faults thats caursing my EML to come on because the light does go of for a day or two and it runs sweat but when the light comes on it starts, well being a bit funny........ any advise would be great,could it be that the ECU want erasing or somthing i dont know?????????

Vauxhall Vectra C - vectra 1.9 cdti sri 120 intermitant (EML) - geordieric

this had more fault codes than mine but i bet its the egr valve if you havnt already done it.you can clean it out but its the inside solenoid that sticks causing loads of probs. New one about £60. theres a how2 on vectrac.com if you need help on it.


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