DAF, MAN, VOLVO - Where would I get these? - paymon

Hello everyone, I am looking to find tractor units of :




But I need salvage ones that I am going to be exporting. So where would I find right-off or crashed tractor units? A lot of breakers seem to find them, but I dont know where to get them.


DAF, MAN, VOLVO - Where would I get these? - unthrottled

Good luck. There's a lot of money in a tractor unit-so they tend to get rebuilt. The body-on-frame construction helps make rebuilding economical too.

DAF, MAN, VOLVO - Where would I get these? - gordonbennet

Big business this is, regularly visit Sheerness, Southampton, Tilbury docks and you'll see hundreds of 4 to 8 year old trucks lined up ready for the boats.

I imagine most will be ex lease companies and truck auctions.

DAF, MAN, VOLVO - Where would I get these? - mph1

Bit of a closed shop with tractors. Manufacturers keen to keep them off the second hand market as it adversely affects residuals and reduces demand for new. Market often controlled by guaranteed buy backs usually by the manufacturer - whether purchased by the operator or a finance company.

From my limited experience there seem to be 'salvage agents' that insurance/accident management companies use.

Rather than damaged units, you might want to try smaller or family run hire companies that run tractors older than the finance owned nationals - to 7 years + in some cases - to buy at end of economic life (as a hire unit). Massive demand for hire from Sep to end of the year, so Jan/Feb the best time for this.


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