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I've purchased tyres online on a few occasions, but always gone 'fully fitted'. There is about a £15 price difference between 'delivered' and 'fully fitted' and I assumed that tyre places would charge about the same if I turned up with my own tyres for fitting. What's the cheapest way to get your own tyres fitted to make the 'delivered' option worthwhile? Kwik Fit type places or back street cash in hand establishments. How much should I aim for for fitting, balance, valve and disposal?

Any - Online tyre buying - daveyjp

My local 'second hand tyres from £10' outfit charges £5 a corner. I'd never get tyres there, but I can't complain about the fitting service.

Any - Online tyre buying - RT

I've always found the price difference between delivered only and fully fitted to be about the same as my local good independent charges for fitting, valve and balance however the tyres are supplied - as long as you can choose a known local fitter when ordering online it's 50:50 - if you can't choose, then have them delivered and arrange your own fitting.

Any - Online tyre buying - Talking Hoarse

Already armed with the online price I go to my local ATS branch and do a deal there. Chaps @ my local branch are really helpful, knowledgable etc so I try and use them as much as I can if the price is about right. Best thing is that now we know each other, they do a puncture quickly for me, remove old tyres, find exhaust clamps etc I need etc etc.

ATS - they are not always the cheapest but they provide us so much more service than online, Costco etc. Can't speak for other tyre depots /other ATS branches though.

Any - Online tyre buying - turbo11

I use Event tyres, mobile tyre fitting company. They fit the tyres on your drive or at your work. Very convenient. no waiting around for hours at the tyre fitters. I can be getting on with work at home while they carry out the work on my drive. Very timely, curteous and they do a good job. I am having a new pair of Continental Sport Contact 3 fitted on Wednesday, whilst I am stripping off the wall paper in my hallway. They are also £8 per tyre cheaper than my local tyre fitters. I have used them three times so far, and heartily reccommend them.

Any - Online tyre buying - Andy P

I used to use Event, but since they added a surcharge for single tyres, I've gone back to a local fitter.

Any - Online tyre buying - quizman

There are several tyre firms in Derby that beat online firms and Costco easily. Why not ring a few local firms for a quote?

Any - Online tyre buying - gordonbennet

The reason i go online isn't just cost, it's getting the particulat tyre i want.

I stopped buying online as i'd found a local indy with a first class front desk man, he'd bend over backwards to find the tyres i wanted, and whilst not matching a purely purchase price (obviously) would always do me a fair deal.

He's gone, back to online.

Any - Online tyre buying - Chris M

I have mixed online and local firms and you are quite right, online firms can be matched on price. I asked the original question as I was wondering whether others had found the 'delivered' option worked out cheaper.

Any - Online tyre buying - Roly93

There are several tyre firms in Derby that beat online firms and Costco easily. Why not ring a few local firms for a quote?

Not in my neck of the woods (Thames Valley).

I much much prefer buying tyres online as I get exactly what I want, and I dont have to go through the usual tyre service banter "well we only have this brand in stock because they are the most popular".

I use mytyres and have a great fitting station locally.

Oh and by the way I always call Kwik fit for a quote afterwards to cheer me up even further !!

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Any - Online tyre buying - alfatrike

i've had problems with fitters not wanting to fit tyres i hadn't bought from them. i now use an online service which uses my local garrage included in the price and i get the same tyres cheaper than if i had got them from the same garrage. strange but true.

Any - Online tyre buying - primeradriver
My mechanic is the other way around -- he'll buy the tyres in if you want, but he'd rather you went online as it's hard for him to match the prices and it wastes his time (his main business is as a repair centre rather than a tyre fitter). £5 a corner to fit if you're getting other stuff done at the same time.
Any - Online tyre buying - Smileyman

I bought Nokian winter tyres last November - I had to use the online route as I could not find any UK dealers to supply the tyre. My local branch of a national tyre chain fitted the tyres for me, they charged about £40 for a set of 4 - Kwik Fit wanted more than double for the same fitting service and were more interested in selling their (also very good but much pricier) Continentals as well as their wheel hotel service for when I switched back to summer tyres.

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Any - Online tyre buying - piston power used to be cheap and to buy and fit myself saved £25.00 per tyre but prices have crept up and there's not much saving anymore.

Shop around is all you can do & id rather fit my own while i still can this machine is old but still works.:-)


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