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I came accross your site by luck, and did find out that we were not the only one troubled by fuel injector failure. When injector 1 failed, the car had only 55k miles and was 6 years old.....and did cost £880 to fix at a local garage. It was repaired but they said that the other 3 are likely to fail soon.

This happened indeed 3,000 miles later. I rang VW customer care (08000 833 920) straight away and they were surprisingly conforting! We had to get the car towed to the nearest VW garage for official diagnostic. Injector N.2 failed and the recommendation was to have the other 2 injectors changed too. Initially, and after a bit of discussion between the garage and VW, they agreed to cover 50% of the total bill for all 3 injectors. But luckily, apparently a new directive within VW regarding this specific issue is to reimburse100% of the cost! If this happens to you, remember to have the car towed to an official VW garage first to start the procedure and rand VW customer care straight away. Hope this post is helpfull!

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I wonder if cars with these problematic injectors are sold in America. If they are, I bet the owners don't have to contribute to the cost if they go wrong. A huge corporation like VAG should be paying 100% for this bad design.

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It doesn't appear to be happening in the US cars. The US engines must comply with stricter emissions requirements and are fitted with lean NOx traps. This makes engine-out NOx less of a concern and takes some stress out of the duty cycle of the injectors. People are quite disparaging about piezo injectors, but the basic design is sound. The problem is that the manufacturers need to operate them several times/stroke in order to sneak under the emissions limits without expensive exhaust after-treatment. This ridiculous duty cycle appears to be too stressful for the injectors to endure.

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Could someone please answer me this, i have a vw passat 2006. How ever it is not the sport model, .... i was driving across the moors when the car suddenly died and the management light came on, i had to pay to have it recovered and took it to my local garage ( not a vw garage ) , how ever when i was there , the recovery man told me to get in touch with vw because this model of passat was being recalled due too faulty injectors.

I rang vw and was told it was not my model injector which are faulty, so in the end i could only afford 1 injector at a cost of 600 pound fitted. I didnt even get 10 miles away and the car started misfiring, i took it straight back and was told that another injector had failed and it was best to replace all 4.

Has anyone had any help from vw with their passat, that has the siemens injectors 03g130073d fitted to it when they have failed like mine. many thanks Ray

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To the best of my knowledge, only Bosch solenoid actuated injectors were fitted to the US spec. PD engines and sold there. If anyone has more accurate data I would be interested to see it.

My suspicions are that VAG were unsure (or uneasy) of the long term reliability of these Siemens injectors and did not want to risk selling them in the US when the PD engine was introduced there in '05. The Bosch solenoid injectors have been highly relaible in Europe since '00 and must represent a safer option in sensitive market. VAG (in Audi guise) had been kicked very hard in a sensitive spot by their Road Safety Administration at some time previously over allegedly unadmitted safety problems and no doubt VAG had no taste for a repeat showing.

Interestingly the CR 2012 diesel Passat is also fitted with solenoid actuated injectors (US only). Food for thought...

As the Internet plays a vital role in bringing down despotic rulers, so the purveyors of goods which are not fit for purpose can also be brought to book. I'm not sure that the likes of VAG fully appreciate the implications of this climatic change.

The hiding places are disappearing and they might be well advised to take a look at their trading practices.



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