Skoda Yeti - Skoda Yeti - time to move it on - Buster Cambelt
At 9 months and 10000 miles I've decided that the Yeti needs to go. In the end the mixture of too many things going wrong, poor service from dealers and a feeling that some faults (like the numerous rattles, non functioning bits etc.) will never be sorted has beaten me. Add to that the raucous diesel that isn't particularly economical, the jittery ride and incessant wind noise and the experiment of trading down to Skoda is a failed one.

To be honest I miss the engineering integrity, reliability and good old fashioned service that came as standard with the Hondas and Subarus I've run up to crazy mileages in recent years without a single fault or a day's unplanned downtime. I also broke my rule of only buying cars where I have a dealer within 10 miles. When you have a car like this one that needs constant visits to the dealer a two hour round trip starts to grate and costs my company real money.

I've already offered the car to a few dealers but nothing bordering on a sensible offer so far - misguidedly I thought this would be easy to sell given the waiting lists that apparently exist. So maybe Sure Sell.

The replacement is a little problematic, petrol for sure (in view of reduced annual mileage / increased use of trains), Similarly sized but not a Golf as anything VAG is off the agenda.
Skoda Yeti - Skoda Yeti - time to move it on - oldtoffee

As you say, dealers are asking silly money for used and prereg diesel Yetis due to long delivery times so I'd have thought a competitively priced private ad would see it away?

Skoda Yeti - Skoda Yeti - time to move it on - Buster Cambelt

You'd have thought so but with over 100 used examples on Skoda's site this evening I guess it's going to be no easier than any other year old car. If I see such a new car advertised outside of the dealer network I tend to think that either someone needs to raise cash or it's a duffer.

Skoda Yeti - Skoda Yeti - time to move it on - daveyjp

I've just had a similar choice to make - changed trip pattern and reduced mileage meant a diesel made little sense, so I wanted a petrol which was large enough for us as a family of three and also able to take our camping gear, without being the length of a canal barge.

The Yeti was on my shortlist, but I didn't want a turbo engine and even an ex demo 1.2TSi is silly money. C max was OK, but more MPV than we required.

In the end I plumped for a Merc B class and it's more than meeting our needs - it was cheaper than a similar aged/specced Yeti too.

Skoda Yeti - Skoda Yeti - time to move it on - Avant

So that's what you went for, Davey - I was wondering. I hated the B-class I had a few years ago, but that was because it was a diesel automatic which was sluggish and droned like a London taxi.

It did have a lot of good points, which you'll have with the petrol - solid, well-built, comfortable and lots of room for people and luggage.

You've been unlucky with your Yeti, Buster: most Skoda owners have happy experiences with both car and dealer and buy another. Good luck with whatever you go for next: I wonder what! With reduced mileage are you a candidate for a Prius perhaps? Well engineered, reliable, lots of room and in Power mode not as boring to drive as the magazine testers make out.

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Skoda Yeti - Skoda Yeti - time to move it on - daveyjp

Ours is a B160 SE blue efficiency. Cheapest one they do, but the one most often recommended by the press and it is doing us just fine. Very easy to drive and lots of room.

Skoda Yeti - Skoda Yeti - time to move it on - SteveLee

"Downgrade" to the new Citroën C3 Picasso, silky smooth ride, surprisingly well screwed together and enjoyable to drive - keenly priced too. I drove one two weeks back - I could hardly believe it was a s***roën. The oid Picassos were dull as dishwater.

Skoda Yeti - Skoda Yeti - time to move it on - Buster Cambelt
Not really what I'm looking for to be honest. We had one to evaluate a month or so ago. Fairly roomy and seemed to be better built than than the Skoda but I really don't like cars with central instruments. A couple of other things too, not least that our local dealer proved to be a total washout when Citroen were trying to loan us the car.

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