Citroen C3 - Citroen c3 starting problem. 2002 model (S regis.) - Banky

I have used over 10 cars and never get punished by any car than my current c3. It came back from MOT test passed. Then the following money, plug the tyre pump into the car 12V external socket and try to start the car, "whola !!!, the car refused to start. Recover to the garage and spent 200 quids, still no solution. Garage said instrument detect immobiliser problem. Used extra key to test, the car still refused to fire. Now I guess it is worst bcos it is showing ECU on the dashboard.

I am thinking of breaking the damn thing into piece. Confused right now. Car just did 95k miles. Never has such problem before with any car. Garage pushed the car to Citroen dealer. I know the bill will be a problem to settle since it is valued less than 2k pounds. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


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