Vauxhall Combo - "Engine electrics control" light on and off - Tommk4

A warning light which consists of a picture of a car with a giant spanner erupting from its roof keeps appearing on my 2002 combo van.

The handbook states that this means that a problem has been detected in the engine or transmission electrics. Although it seems to make no difference to the van whatsoever when it lights up.

Each time the van is started again the light goes out and it only seems to come back on when the van has stopped for the first time in a journey since setting off, i.e at a junction or traffic lights.

With that in mind does anyone know what the problem might be? It seems to be related, as I said to the van coming to a halt, although I dont think its got anything to do with the engine idling as it does not come on when the van has been switched on and is idling but has not moved anywhere.



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