Volvo v50 - Volvo v50 - master cylinder failure? ££? - ford_prefect

The V50 1.8 petrol has done 96,000 and it looks like the master cylinder has gone, possibly taking the clutch with it. There's no brakes and you can't get it in gear - it just went last night without any apparent warning - died an a junction near home.

This has happened before, last time was under warranty at 50,000. Its now done 96,000.

Any thoughts on repair costs weighed up against the cars value - its in OK condition, typically i had it valeted last week. It needs to be ultra reliable as its used to run a small business where not turning up is not an option. Do you think it will be worth repairing? Its going to my excellent independent on monday by tow truck - so he'll be able to tell - just canvassing opinion before that. Is my diagnosis likely to be correct?

Volvo v50 - Volvo v50 - master cylinder failure? ££? - sandy56

You could just get an exchange unit or a reconditioned master cylinder?

I dont know the prices for these.

I remeber fixing these years ago (brake master cylinders) with a kit of new parts,,

Volvo v50 - Volvo v50 - master cylinder failure? ££? - fredthefifth

Yeh, I thought that. Dunno why it would have taken the clutch out too. How would you know? and if it has then it was probably almost there anyway.

Volvo v50 - Volvo v50 - master cylinder failure? ££? - pd

IIRC the brakes and the hydraulic system for the clutch use the same fluid. If you've lost brake fluid then you'll lose the clutch as well.

Are you sure it isn't the clutch at fault in the first place (maybe the slave cylinder is leaking)?


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