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Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - grahambute

Been quoted £210 by Mr Clutch, and £650+ by local main dealer. Anybody have experience of Mr Clutch?

Ford say parts alone are over £200 and whole gearbox has to be removed.

Anything else I should think about.

Be grateful to hear.


Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - injection doc

You could do a lot better ! find a good reputable indy.

They are just a franchise that anyone can set up with a lump of money! mate of mine who was a phone engineer set up one with his redundancy ! hence to add he went bust but not before he broke many cars!

To do it cheap they use re-con or remanufactured clutches, these alone you don't know how many times they have been refurbed or how many miles they have done & not all parts are replaced! torsion strap & faceplates always old & the diaphram spring is normally the original with just the surface where the release bearing runs has been face ground so the spring is weak to start with !

They also pay peanuts to their fitters so you can get M..........

You get what you pay for !

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - grahambute

Thanks for this. One reason I contacted them for a quote even though nearest one is 15 miles away is because I saw an HonestJohn reply about a Vauxhall clutch that had been quoted at £900 and HJ suggested going to Mr Clutch instead!

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - davidpz

Don't go near them. My V70 came back £400.00 worth of broken parts, damaged by the completely strange methods they use to access the clutch mechanism, that bear no correlation whatsover to the manufacturers workshop procedure. It was only fortunate I discovered the problems sooner rather than later. Took the car back within 48 hours and 'nothing to do with us'. My independant specialist who fixed it, pointed out the correct procedure and explained exactly why the damage had occured.

This eventually ended up in court with me getting all my costs and expenses back . They changed their defence endless times re what was/wasn't removed, how it was removed/re-fitted, what was actually fitted and indeed where various components on the vehicle are situated.

So, you might think you're about to save a few quid - short term but, if you do have a problems with them, prepare for a drawn out battle in the courts to retrieve you money.

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - Collos25
Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - Collos25
Its not an easy job changing the clutch on a mondeo and 650ukp is a reasonable price to pay the front subframe has to removed along with countless suspension parts and has to be set back up correctly ie tracking if the company does not have the expertise or the equipment to do this then you have a problem.Ask yourself what am I getting for my money, to change any clutch for 200ukp is commercial suicide if done properly.
Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - sb10

Mr clutch in my area has been really good on prices along with good times to do it a mondeo

my mates got was done in under 2 hours last year and is still working fine after 8k miles, I know of other cars done by them and none have any problems,but its like any garage kwick fit type place it depends on the fitters working there

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - Collos25

I will defy anbody to do a mondeo clutch in 2 hours and saying it was is complete rubbish.

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - sb10

I will defy anbody to do a mondeo clutch in 2 hours and saying it was is complete rubbish.

I would have and did say that to my mate,but I picked him up from Mr clutch took him home had a coffee and chat then in under 2 hours had a phone call to pick up the car which was 4 miles away

your welcome to call me a liar, I am a mechanic and didnt think myself it could be done,it was and still going

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - injection doc

I had a guy working in my garage for years who turned mondeo clutches around before tea break ! 2 hrs was about all it took ! he was a dimond. I dont know how he was so quick and it all went back in place and he used to re-align the subframe !

Renault 5 clutches 2 hrs and R5 GT turbo's 2.5 hrs he was stunning so was his bonus !

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - davmal

I had a clutch done on a Punto by a Mr Clutch franchise. All seemed well until my daughter phoned later that day saying that the car wouldn't work. The engine was running, it would go into gear, but would not move and made a "funny noise".

The RAC man she called out (she was several miles away in the heart of the Peak District) quickly diagnosed a disconnected drive shaft. The diagnosis was made easier by the fact that the shaft was lying under the car.

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - sb10

Ford claim its a two day job on a Mondy,they either take their time doing it or make a fortune in bonus, I know which I think it is.

Those that run Mr clutch down may have bad jobs done and agree they should be sorted out but its the fitters that are giving them a bad name,my own experience is they do jobs no one else wants to do at a good price IMO and so far they seem to do it very well

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - Collos25
There is big difference between 2days and 2hours.
Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec - Mr Clutch - injection doc

ford allow for complete removal, we used to drop subframe one end only and just diconnect rack from colomb and pull the box back far enough to gain access to the clucth. If the bell housing was full of crud we used to wash it out in situ.

MG Mastro's 2.0 EFi's we used to do clucthes like we did with the FWD Escorts, just swing the box down with shafts etc still all conected. Just used to buzz the bell housing bolts and swing.So with practice you can do many in very short time. Its just learning the knack.


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