Volvo excessive cranking - TIM
I have a 760 2.8 V6 with an LH Jetronic injection system. It's an F
plate, in beautiful condition with a totally complete service history.
I have a problem that has developed over a few weeks. It turns
over a lot before it starts, initially when hot, but now also when cold. There are no diagnostics on the engine. Does anyone know how to check the various sensors and valves on this engine, the local main agent can only suggest substituting components, but at £60/HR this will cost a fortune.
Re: Volvo excessive cranking - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd)
Try an independent service, Yellow pages under Car Engine Tuning and Conversion.
Re: Volvo excessive cranking - Peter Todd
I nearly bought a 940 with a similar system and fault. After 14 days of component swapping it was decided that to cure the fault it was necessary to replace a cold start valve/solenoid, the injectors and seals. I gave up after 10 days but the garage had to persist until the fault was cured. I am told it cost in total, £800.00. The dealer would not use the main dealers because he did not trust them and went instead to a local specialist.
Re: Volvo excessive cranking - Brian Hosker
Its almost certainly the fuel relay. Remove it and click off the the plastic cover and clean the points. If it has seriously over heated it may have melted the solder in the holder which it plugs into. Carefully resolder it. The 30 amp are better than the 16 amp relays.
Have a look at
This particular problem is under 200 series.

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