Vauxhall Astra G Petrol - Handbrake Problem - Kildrummy

I have a problem with the handbrake on my Astra. When I apply the handbrake it only goes on at one side and wont release until I reach behind the rear wheel and pull on the cable. I suspect that there is a problem with the linkage somewhere below the hand brake lever i.e. one side disconnected or broken.

To get at the cable linkage I believe I have to remove the heat shield, on the underside between the exhaust and the floor. I know the nuts that hold this on will snap off as soon as I try to remove them.

Any suggestions on the handbrake or replacing the heatshield are most welcome.


Vauxhall Astra G Petrol - Handbrake Problem - piston power

You may have a sticking caliper holding the cable, There has been problems with vauxhall calipers before.

Failing that the cable is behind the heat shield and you will have to drop the exhaust hangers and the shield for good access.

Vauxhall Astra G Petrol - Handbrake Problem - Kildrummy

Thanks for your reply. Any suggestions on how to replace the fixings on the heat shield which I am pretty sure will snap off when I try to undo them?


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