BMW 5 Series E60 - TRACK ROD - Aocal


For the second year in a row my 5 Series has failed it's MOT due to "excessive play" of a track rod. Last year it was the offside, this year it's the nearside.

The car is a 2006 model and has 83,000 miles on the clock which I have racked up crusing on the motorway.

They also noted a tyre which is worn to 1.6mm on the outside and still has thick tread on the inside.

So my questions are, is this unusual for track rods to be wearing out, is there something else fundamentally wrong wearing these components out AND, has this excessive play resulted in my worn out tyre?



BMW 5 Series E60 - TRACK ROD - Collos25

83k is not bad for a track tod end after all its a cheap component easily sourced and easily fitted probably the reason for worn the tyre wear.When you have replaced the part and tyre have in tracked to be on the safe side.


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