car seats - David little
My wife (who is 5 feet tall) is looking to change her Peugeot 106 for a larger vehicle. She has aproblem with the seat squab catching the back of her legs. Has anyone suggestions as to ways to either modify the 'deaper' seats in larger cars or cars with short squabs? Would modifications affect airbag operation?

Help/advice gratefully recieved

Buy a Xantia. - David Woollard

Since they were first introduced the Citroen Xantia seats have been described as uncomfortable for some as they are too short in the squab. Buy a nice TD version if this seat design suits your wife so she has a larger economical vehicle.

And you'll keep to the Citroen/Peugeot family similarities.

For once a much complained of fault could be the answer.

Re: Buy a Xantia. - Chris

Blimey, you are quick on the draw today.

Re: Buy a Xantia. - Carole Adams
I'm 5'1" and our Xantia TD was just right. Wish we'd kept it.
Re: Buy a Xantia. - Micky
My wife (at 5' 2") tells me our current Xantia HDi is OK but she preferred the previous 2.5 Rover (something to do with 170 bhp and the autobox - which lost 4th gear and cost my employer £3000 to repair, strange, I've bought several cars with 5 gears for substantially less than £3 000; oh well, the mysteries of buying cars in the UK never cease to amaze me). But seriously, if you want a car for short people, buy a Xantia; if you want a proper car buy an Alfa Romeo, (or a Ford, Vauxhall, Fiat, Renault etc etc .....) ;-)

Re: car seats - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
My beloved is 4'11" and found that when she drove our old Volvo 740 if the seat squab was set Horizontally rather than slightly down at the back the seat was fine. If your wife positions the seat the correct distance from the wheel the airbag wont be a problem i.e. with the arms extended fully the underside of the wrists should rest on the top of the steering wheel.

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