Renault Clio II - Starting problem - mongerer

1149cc 16v Expression 2002. The car is not often used has not been started in at least 4 months. It's been garaged with the doors unlocked. Battery was fully charged before attempting to start it.

When you turn the ign on you can hear the fuel pump run for around 5 seconds. If you wait to crank the engine until after the fuel pump has stopped the engine will not turn over. If you crank the engine before the fuel pump has stopped it will only turn over for as long as the fuel pump still has to run. When the fuel pump stops the engine stops turning over. During the 3 or 4 seconds it will turn over while the FP relay is engergised there is no sign of it firing but that may be because it has been standing so long. I know this is a bit of a weird one but I really hope someone's got some ideas. Thanks.

Renault Clio II - Starting problem - Collos25

It sounds like the battery is not fully charged,sometimes leaving a not so good battery unused for a period time kills them.

Renault Clio II - Starting problem - mongerer

Thanks for your input Andy. I can crank the engine repeatedly without any sign of the battery failing, as long as I switch ign off between each go to make the fuel pump relay energise. If I wait until the fuel pump relay times out each time it wont crank over at all.


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