Costs of Government Documentation - Armitage Shanks {p}

Without entering into an inappropriate dicussion of why a particular person might need a new identity can anybody explain why it should be so costly?

"The Daily Telegraph reported ?????- who along with ????? ????? battered and murdered ????? ?????- will be issued with a new birth certificate, national insurance number and other identity documents at a cost of £250,000 when he is released"

A National Insurance number is free, how can anything else an individual might need truly 'cost ' £250,000

Costs of Government Documentation - Falkirk Bairn

Supervisions was said to abe another £1m

I feel a few BR together could do it for half that!!

Costs of Government Documentation - Collos25

You have to remember it will involve thousands of people to look at all the documents.

They should just release him and let nature take its course save millions.

Costs of Government Documentation - oilrag

Didn`t several people get new identities themselves following reading a certain novel? I can`t remember anything about it other than - was it seaching for a grave to get a birth cert?


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