Drugs bust imminent - firework warning - oilrag

I was taliking about this to a PCO, in the City this Morning - and he said the `fireworks` were a likely warning of a drugs bust in the area.

Last night at 9.30pm - the previous night at 10.00pm.

It`s a gigantic firework that puts five coloured booming, airbursts up to around 300ft - perhaps much more.Clearly not for display or celebrations as it`s still daylight at 9.30pm. Or are they professional shipping flares?

Actually, on reflection, I`ve heard these before and only focussed on it the last couple of nights due to a window being open. Amazing really if they really are a City wide warning of a drugs bust. Do a thousand pairs of feet scurry to the toilet with frantic flushing of stuff - as the water pressure falls across town.

I suppose the water level in Scammonden reservior drops 6 inches and sleeping fish find themselves being whisked in a roar of water through the pipes to our place, as the toilet cisterns refill.

"Grip that weed with yer fins Bert"....

"Thanks for the intelligence", the PCO said. Eh? You can probably see and hear it 40 miles away in Manchester.


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