Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - JohnnyBoy
My sister and her husband have had a second baby, and thoughts are turning to a people carrier. They're keen on a VW Sharan, but I've been told that the Galaxy and Alhambra are the same vehicle, only cheaper.
Has anyone any thoughts or experiences on comparative build quality between the three vehicles?
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - cabsmanuk
I have a Sharan and personally I think the quality is more towards Seat than VW. I don't think it is worth paying more for a different badge.
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - Flat in Fifth
I've now known three Galaxy owners who had engine problems.

These engine problems resulted in all cars being unavailable for several weeks mainly due to the Ford dealer's seeming lack of knowledge with the engine. It was a different dealer in each case. More than a coincidence perhaps. That two separate dealers should also end up in a game of lets change this and see what happens next is rather worrying esp if it is a private punter's money.

In one case it turned out to be nothing more than a MAF sensor! yes really!
In another case the engine was completely rebuilt twice and after the second rebuild it ran though never as well as previously. The last bit I can personally attest to. Plus the dealer could not say why it worked on the second rebuild but not the first.
The third example was because a new water pump was needed. It is bolted on with some long special bolts which sometimes sieze and break. The dealer did not try to unbolt the pump but just assumed he would get the problem and ordered the bolts, which never came. Weeks later when confronted by the driver he admitted what the situation was, and of course everything came undone sweet as anything. Vehicle could have been back on the road after one hour instead of weeks.

Its a VW engine by the way, so that should narrow sis and hubbies down to a choice of two.

hope that helps.
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - TrevorP
The Alhambra gets the higher rating in J D Power -

but even that's not VERY high.

Are they REALLY sure that an estate car is not a better bet?
(for 4 plus heaps of luggage, I would have thought so -
leaving the MPV for when you have to carry 6)
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - JimmyB

I've heard that the Seat is by far the best, especially in the Diesel category (VW engine).

Driven a few Galaxies, and wasn't overly impressed, especially with the 2.0 petrol, which seemed a bit sluggish.

Financially, the Seat is the cheapest and also looks to hold its value very well too.


Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - JohnnyBoy
Thanks everyone...most reports seem to favour the Alhambra. Any idea on where the 3 vehicles are built?
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - Jon

They are all built in the same factory in Portugal.
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - Graham
the space is much more versatile than a normal estate
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - John Davis
And the space, specification, individuality and reliability, all pale into insignificance compared to my Toyota Masterace.
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - TrevorP
Sorry, we do not have the Masterace here on the Car-by-car breakdown.

Maybe it is called something different in the UK?

(like the Mitsubishi Pajero MUST be called something different in the USA and any other Spanish speaking country)
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - The Watcher
Which one's the import, then? ;-)
Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - David R
Got an Alhambra TDi SE last month so you know where my vote goes.

Spec for spec the Seat is easily best value, the dealers are also willing to discount, which is nice. The quality is the same (they roll out of the same factory on Portugal.

Very car like to drive, and my wife loves it. The ride is a bit bouncy (but not when full of children), we are delighted.

I would discount the J D Power results as they have not caught up to the Mark II (X plate onwards). The current vehicle is quite different to its predecessor.

If your sister is set on the VW (add climate control, parking sensors, electric mirrors, heated seats, etc etc) then seem to discount much more than the dealers.

Galaxy vs Sharan vs Alhambra - JohnnyBoy
Thanks for all the replies everyone - they ended up buying a Xsara Picasso HDi SX.
BTW, My sister reinforced all the stereotypes when told of the purchase:
"A Citroen? OK, no problem. What colour is it?"
4 Wheel Drive: Sharan vs Alhambra - SvobodaT
Is there any difference between Sharan's 4Motion and
Alhambra's 4TotalTraction ?

Thanks for any clarification.


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