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Jaguar X-Type Estate Diesel 2.0ltr 2005 - Smokin!! X - Type Estate Diesel - Geran1

Hello all

I have noticed over the last few weeks that my X-Type has started to get a bit smokey it also feels what I would describe as a bit lumpy at the lower end of the rev range more noticeable in 2nd / 3rd gear, the motor is well looked after and is serviced every 12,000 miles have check the odvious air filter that was new 4,000 miles ago still nice and clean.

For reference it had a new turbo and egr valve 2yrs ago and has done 40,000 miles since, this was done under warrany Jaguar first said it was a fault on the EGR valve then a few days later problem not solved and needed a new turbo (not at my cost) there have been no engine managment warnigs on the dash this time round, every 4th fill up ot gets some injrctor cleaner put in the tank.

Is it possible to clean this type of EGR valve ? or better to replace.



Jaguar X-Type Estate Diesel 2.0ltr 2005 - Smokin!! X - Type Estate Diesel - Geran1

Hello all

The problem may now be sorted, what I thought was a non related noise coming from the aux belt area a kind of whoooishing sound, only heared under acceleration sounded more like the tension pulley was on it's way out (also a pretty common problem on these)

I had found some oil spray residue to the LHS inner wing area but could not trace where it came from, anyway with a little research on the net it turns out to be a common problem it is a large hose connected to the under side of the EGR valve to the intercooler that splits, sure enough there was a split about an inch long hidden down the back now repaired with duct tape untill I can get a replacement.



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