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Was hoping someone can help me. I recently purchased a 2004 Model Honda Jazz 1.4 Sport. Its done 40k miles and is due a service. As it has full honda service history I thought I'd stick with the main dealer.

I've just been quoted £330 for a service which consists of:

Changing oil filter, brake fluid, fuel filter and pollen filter.

I don't know what prices for servicing are meant to be but this seems a bit steep to me.

What does everyone else think? Should i stick with Honda or find somewhere else to get the service done. If so, any recommendations?

Thanks in Advance

Honda Jazz 1.4 - Honda Jazz Service Rip off? - Peter.N.

If you did it yourself you would probably save about threequarters of that, alternativly find yourself a good independent mechanic.

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Mine on a 53 with around 55K on it, and needs a major, which they have just quoted £500 for. Now I used to be a petrol head and handled most things on a car before so will probably look at doing this myself, oil, plugs, fluids etc, The car is now 7yeatr old so not sure of what value a dealer service is beyond this point ?

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Hi there. £330 is perfectly normal for a service taking in your itemised jobs through a honda dealer. The parts and fluids alone are £150and youll get a months warranty on parts and workmanship too

Honda Jazz 1.4 - Honda Jazz Service Rip off? - Collos25

Where do they buy the parts £150 you have to be kidding.A service on a 1.4 using proper oil and filter should cost no more than £80 with labour.The reason these glass palaces exist is because people pay stupid prices for an oil change and the tyres kicked because thats all they will do.

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