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I plan to replace my 11 year old Mazda in the next year or so. I like Subarus and an Impreza would suit me well. I've test driven a 2.0 sport and found it a bit lacking in torque so I'm considering the WRX, though I haven't driven one yet.

Are there any owners (of either variant) on this forum who could give an opinion. I'd be buying the Sportswagon.



Subaru Impreza II fl 2 - WRX Turbo or 2.0 Sport? - Lygonos

Running costs are fairly high, but if you drive the WRX you'll never be happy with the 2.0 non turbo. They have Porsche Boxster/Cayman performance at a fraction of the cost.

I've got a Forester Turbo and it has torque by the bucketload (300 lbft with the mild PPP tweak). It's basically an Impreza with a more practical body jacked up 3 inches or so.

Expect 24-27mpg, and fairly high insurance for the turbo Impreza/Forester.

Do have a look at the Foresters as they drive very well and in Turbo format are serious Q-cars. They tend to be slightly cheaper than the Imprezas as they have a less marketable image I guess.

If you don't want to go for a turbo, have a look at the Legacy as a more practical but just as economical machine - very understated too.

Subaru Impreza II fl 2 - WRX Turbo or 2.0 Sport? - legacylad

By coincidence, last week i also sold my Mazda...a '98 626 which had been boringly reliable for 30 months, bought as a 4month 'put me on'! Prior to that, I ran 2 Legacy estates and an Impreza Sport wagon in succession. I desperately wanted a Legacy Spec B but could not find a good one privately, or a Subaru dealer who wanted to sell at what I considered a 'fair' price, considering the highish future depreciation.

After discounting an MX5 (I could not fit a towbar!) I bought an '04 330Ci, which although not as practical as a Spec B Tourer, is an enjoyable driving experience. Have you considered a Spec B?


Subaru Impreza II fl 2 - WRX Turbo or 2.0 Sport? - pete&hisgolf

Thanks very much for the pointers. I like the idea of Cayman performance! I hadn't really considered a Forester - I guess I'd imagined that their relative height would mean poorer handling and fuel consumption. I like the Q-Car effect, though.

I do like Legacies (especially Spec B) but they're a bit too big for my garage and the tourer is a bigger car than I need. I really like the idea of a well engineered compact estate with lots of performance - hence checking out Impreza Sportswagons.

Are there any particular things to look out for when buying (other than the usual)?. Looking around on Scoobynet I got the impression that the Subaru 2.5 engine can be prone to head gasket failure. I've never owned a car with a turbo before - do they last? I'd be expecting to hold on to the car for 7+ years.


Subaru Impreza II fl 2 - WRX Turbo or 2.0 Sport? - ukjazz

The later the engines the better ie after 2003 model year seem to be OK, in the USA they had a spate of heads going around 2000 -2002 MY where Subaru US helped out. The key as ever is to use the correct spec oil OE oil filter , change the coolant at egular intervals and use OE rad cap.

Turbos' suffer from digesting foreign bodies low oil levls and switching off after an M way run . My last Legacy Turbo EState went on for 140k and only required a couple of engine sensors and 2 clutches.

The cam belt should be replaced every 60k but only buy the Subaru Kit inc pulleys etc not just the belt.

Check also the make and age of tyres, fronts can wear if alignment neglected.

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PS Remenber in UK cars after march 2006 can carry high Roafd Fund if tubo / high CO2.


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