BMW 330i cold starting problem - daryld
My neighbour has got a just-out-of-warranty imported Y-reg BMW 330i with an intermittent cold start problem. He has owned the car from new.

The car will start from hot OK, but cold starts are very difficult, but it will eventually start.

Car has 15,000 miles and has been at the BMW franchised dealer for a week..they have changed the fuel pump but still the problem is there. The whole thing is costing him £££££££££££££ despite BMWs supposedly high-tech diagnostic equipment. And BMW are rubbing their hands with glee since he is paying for it.

Any ideas on the problem cause?
BMW 330i cold starting problem - Dorian
Sounds like one of the temp sensors is faulty - dunno why BMW would think the fuel pump is duff...

Do Haynes make a manual for this engine at all (i.e. in 300 or 500 series manual)? That might give resistance values for the various sensors, and your neighbour could test them himself with a multimeter.

BMW 330i cold starting problem - Peter D
Entire Manual on CD on ebay for a £10.00
BMW 330i cold starting problem - daryld
An update to this story...

The fault was due to the engine management system; the ECU computer and software were replaced and all is well again.

Total hours spent fixing this by BMW was 65 hours, plus VAT and parts.

And BMW paid for all it, even though it was a Y-reg import out of its warranty. They even supplied a 530d courtesy car to him Now THAT'S service.


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