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Hello there. Recently the ABS light came on my dash, I had it diagnosed and the problem was with one of the rear sensors which had become damaged, I replaced the sensor but the ABS warning light has stayed on.

I have already tried disconnecting the battery overnight, to no avail.

Does anyone know if this faut should clear itself after I drive a few miles?

Or do I have to actually delete the fault code? and if so, is there anyway I can do this myself without taking it to a garage?

00 2.0 How to clear fault code - bell boy
look up gendan uk
and order the £39.99 read and clear tool
00 2.0 How to clear fault code - doofer
How do you know it was the sensor at fault, did you test it or just go by the diagnostic fault code?
00 2.0 How to clear fault code - Tommk4
I know it was a sensor fault because of a) the code and b) when i took it off half of it was missing!

OK thank you all for your advice, im taking it to the garage tomorrow for them to clear the code....might as well do it proper.
00 2.0 How to clear fault code - doofer
Half of it missing is a bit of a hint, but you shouldn't replace a sensor just because "computer says so". A fault code just tells you the ECU is receiving a signal which is out of range, does not corellate with signals from other sensors or actuators, or is receiving no signal. On ABS systems the code is as often caused by a faulty reluctor ring as by a failed sensor.
00 2.0 How to clear fault code - kithmo
It may clear itself after a pre-set number of starts, some Fords used to, although the code will still be stored.
00 2.0 How to clear fault code - Tommk4
Right, PROBLEM SOLVED!! Took it to the garage, they cleared the code, warning lights went off, went for a drive, lights came back on, turns out that it was not only the sensor but the reluctor ring as well that was damaged...Thanks to you all for your input, even if some of it did seem a little patronising!


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