05 1.6 Oil pressure light - sweeperman
I am no dum dum but have a "glitch" with warning light. Car seviced 3 weeks ago and all was fine. On latest journey after 5 miles or so the light flickers on and off, I pull over swtch off and check level, coolant for oil, oil spater exesive exhaust smoke all ok. Continue and light off then after 15 miles on and stays on. Took advice from ameture fitter to keep eye on everything.
Now the light STAYS on, engine sounds fine no pinking or knocking and oil is getting to top of engine, The light is now NOT on when ignition sequence test occours but sometimes on during a journey. Am I looking at a faulty switch or worse, or am I just thick. All and any advice please.
05 1.6 Oil pressure light - Englishbullterrier
Did you think about temporarily removing the lead to the oil pressure switch to see what occurs ?...............ebt
05 1.6 Oil pressure light - Peter.N.
If you had no oil pressure you would soon know about it as all the bearings would rattle, sounds like a sensor/electrical fault.

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05 1.6 Oil pressure light - Tommk4
Yeah its probably a dodgy pressure sensor or less likely, a fault on the dash, I know older focus's have problems with warning lights coming on for no reason because of dodgy connections at the dash... I'm sure you could fix either yourself without too much hassle.
05 1.6 Oil pressure light - sweeperman
thank you all very much for the imput. had it pressure tested and plenty of pressure so the switch gets the bin treatment. huge relief, no fun driving with a warning light on. you are all stars.
05 1.6 Oil pressure light - Peter D
This is a risky approach. Have the pressure measured and if appropriate a new switch fitted. This flickering if like throwing £10 notes out on the window as you drive along. Regards Peter


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