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03 1.4 wont start, battery warning light flashing - dontlikec3
My wifes C3 1.4 petrol wont start following the battery dying a couple of weeks ago. Since then i have replaced the battery and coil pack. The car currently shows as in "eco mode" and the battery warning light keeps flashing. I have scoured the net for a clue to what the issue is, even had a friend in a garage put it on his diagnostic computer but no faults showed up. i have tried to reset the BSI following the instructions found on the net but still no difference. this really is winding me up now and any help would be appreciated.
03 1.4 wont start, battery warning light flashing - PriLau

I have a similar problem: all of a sudden the car will simply NOT start and the battery light flashes. I also tried to reset the BSI and I also took the car to a garage and the diagnostic computer shows everything working perfectly. I'm confused. I hear no injection sound when I turn the key. Mine is a 2007 C3, flex, 1.4. It´s driving me and hte technicians I know crazy. Any help or advice will be extremelly appreciated. Thanks.

03 1.4 wont start, battery warning light flashing - tazmania4580

have you tried the spare key if its got a security device maybe the key fob battery is low and lost its code, just a thought

03 1.4 wont start, battery warning light flashing - Banky

Hi Tazmania480,

I have similar problem with my citroen c3 petrol engine 2002 model now. How di d you solve the problem. Car driving me nut already.


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