05 2.2 Traction control? - scotty
Hi - just bought a Mondeo mk3 Titanium X TDCi and I'm a bit confused. It doesn't seem to have the ESP stuff but I thought it would have traction control, but I can't see anything to indicate it has. Does anyone know how to tell. I must admit, I would have expected it to be standard.

05 2.2 Traction control? - Dynamic Dave
If it's got TC, then you should have a symbol on the dash (pic of car and some wavy lines maybe?) that will come on as a check light when you first turn the key, and if hte system has a fault or manually turned off, then the light will remain on.

Have you looked at somewhere like Parkers website to see if the TC & ESP is standard euipment or a cost option?
05 2.2 Traction control? - kithmo
IIRC it was only standard on the V6 models. I yours has it, it should have a push button to switch it off, on the earlier Mk3s it was alongside the boot release, bottom right of the centre console (the later Mk3s don't have the boot release).
05 2.2 Traction control? - scotty
Thanks for the replies. Looks like it doesn't have it then, which I find a bit odd - it's go so many other less important features. All my cars for the last 10 years or so have had TC.

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05 2.2 Traction control? - sarka1230
why would a 2.2 mondeo need tc? hardly going to set the world on fire
05 2.2 Traction control? - bimmer-driver
Its a 2.2 turbodiesel. 250 odd lb ft of torque. I would have thought so.
05 2.2 Traction control? - cheddar
why would a 2.2 mondeo need tc? hardly going to set the world on fire

Well it produces around 300lb/ft torque, more than many much larger petrol engines. However chassis/suspension design is the key and the Mondeo gets its torque through to the road pretty well.


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