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Gentlemen, I hope you can help me.
I put a message here at the weekend (now removed?) concerning a fault with my Mondeo.

It has been at the Ford garage since last week and they have now confirmed that it needs a new Turbo. The fault is as described by one of you. It has a motor on top of the turbo and that motor has failed. Ford cannot supply the motor alone, and so I have to buy the two together. With fitting they will charge me almost £1300. If I don't let them do the repair they intend to charge me £140 for finding the fault. Do you think this is a fair price, I did expect they would charge of course, but it seems expensive.
I am a single mother with two children, recently made redundant (lloking hard for another job!), and Christmas is coming up. One of the replies suggested that I might fit a secondhand part. Do you think this would be a good idea? When can I buy a secondhand turbo?
A garage that repairs diesel cars have quoted me £760 inc vat over the phone to do the job, using a reconditioned part. Will this be as good as the Ford part?
I am very disappointed that this has happened and I don't know what the best course of action would be. My background is in the food industry and I know nothing at all about cars, in fact I didn't even know my car had a turbo until last weekend. I have only had the car 6 months, it has only covered 67,000 miles and was a one owner car with full service records. It was owned by a man who worked for Ford, so I thought it would be a good purchase. Clearly not. Thank You. Theresa.

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I put a message here at the weekend (now removed?)

Looks like they've been moved into Technical Matters:
What to do with my car? - TheresaT
Oh thank you. I didn't realise how it worked.

Does this website cause problems for any of you. It seems to lock up my computer, or slow it down a lot, when I visit?
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Of all the sites I use, this is the most problematic. It is also the most valuable!
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I've posted in the thread on the Technical side...


Oh yes... this forum can sometimes cause locking at random.

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