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02 1.8 poor cold starting - sparkyy
Yes it's that time of year again. I had all 4 glow plugs changed due to poor staring in my 52 1.8 tdci 100, 3 were faulty. it has improved the starting a bit but it's not perfect. I noticed the glow plug light is on for a very short time, a second or so, even when the temp is below freezing is that right. also after driving for a couple of hundred yards the radiator cooling fan runs could the two be connected?
02 1.8 poor cold starting - barkas
Hi sparkyy. YES, they do both have something in common, a faulty temperature transmitter which is probably screwed into your thermostat housing is almost deff to blame. if its packed in your ECU will be recieving incorrect info from it and that affects the timed glow plug pre heat and post heat duration, it will also start your fan running, its failed and your ECU thinks the engine is hot and thats the reason why youve got both these problems. Even if your car doesnt have an ECU, its the item i would replace after checking the wiring. i you do have an ECU fitted, it will pay to have the car run into a dealer for a diagnostic as it could be a ECU problem. Let us know how you get on.
02 1.8 poor cold starting - sparkyy
Thanks barkas
That makes sense, I'll get it booked into my local garage and get it plugged into his diagnostic machine. Does the temp gauge get it's signal from another sensor because that seems to be working ok.
02 1.8 poor cold starting - fastbysuzuki
the glow plug light only stays on for 2 seconds (thats normal) the actual glowplugs stay energized for 6 seconds try turning on the ignition counting to 6 turn off/on count to 2 and try starting that usully improves starting
02 1.8 poor cold starting - fastbysuzuki
the glow plug system is not connected to the temp sender, the fans running may be a faulty temp sender however if you have air con and the heater blower is set to the de-mist windscreen setting on the dash then the air con will be working by default even though there is no light showing on the dash button if thats the case then the fans will run thats normal when the air con is opperating
02 1.8 poor cold starting - sparkyy
Hi fastbysuzuki. So the glow plug light only being on for a short while is normal. Do you mean when the ventilation control is at the windscreen symbol the air con runs automaticaly?
This does not explain the problems I have trying to start the car on cold mornings any ideas on this.
02 1.8 poor cold starting - fastbysuzuki
yes the air con will run with the vent set to windscreen but will not show a light on the button

as for the cold starting firstly this model has a history of not being great on cold starting
have you tried turning on the ignition counting to 6 turn off then on count to 2 and start this unsurs that the glow plugs are well and truly hot
02 1.8 poor cold starting - fastbysuzuki
the cold starting can be many things as a rule of thumb whats required is a good battery good glowplugs and a good starter motor
the tdci has a duel mass flywheel and metalic dust comes of and deposits on the starter internals this can cause the motor to run slower than it should that may or may not be the problem just how bad is it to start?
02 1.8 poor cold starting - sparkyy
Hi fastbysuzuki
I suppose the starting is not that bad now. I had a new battery 18 months ago and new glow plugs last week. With the starting procedure you suggested it started second attempt on a really cold morning. Just seems pretty poor compared to some diesels I've owned. I will just have to cure the occasional lack of power and clouds of black smoke (egr?) and the car will be ok.

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